The Purest Substances to lose weight- all from Nature

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Everyone may think the purest substance to lose weight is diamond, but can it enables you to lose weight. No, the purest substance I’m actually talking is clean alkaline water. Water is good for your body and helps to flush toxins from the body. Consuming an adequate amount of water can be tremendously beneficial for your health and body. Water is made from hydrogen atoms and oxygen atoms, the formula for water is H2O.

Types of Water

There are various types of water we consume on a daily basis which contains some form of additives or been through some purification methods.

  • Distilled water- is water that has been treated to removes all its minerals and salt. I would classify this water as the best type of water to consume on a daily basis. Why? All the necessary minerals have been removed and your body will lack these small nutrients.
  • Tap water- is the water we get from our tap, this water contains a high lead of chlorine, lead and other unnecessary substances we do not need in our body. Its clean and is widely used in the household and its safe to drink.
  • Mineral water- these water naturally contains minerals and are mostly obtained from an underground source.
  • Spring water- this water is normally safe to drink and spring or leak from the earth. Many people believe this water have medical properties.
  • Purified water- These water undergo some treatment in a plant to make it safe to consume by removing bacteria and other particles.
  • Sparkling water- this water can be any one of the above water but become sparkling water when carbon dioxide is added to it.

Why is Water the purest substance to lose weight?

Water is the purest substance to lose weight because it contains no added sugar, trans fat and artificial flavoring which it makes it great to consume frequently. I consider water the purest substance because it is colorless, tasteless and the appearance does look pure. I would encourage individuals who want to lose weight to consume a lot of water (alkaline water). Water that contains less acidic properties is known as alkaline water. What alkaline water does to the body has neutralized the acid in the bloodstream and help to reduce chronic diseases. Diseases strive in acidic conditions and as we get older our body gets more acidic. So by consuming more alkaline water, you reduce your chance of many complications and even help with weight loss.

How does water help you to lose weight?

It is said that water increases your body metabolism and suppress your appetite. Consuming a glass of water when your awake helps to flush your body and increase your metabolism. Drinking water before a meal helps you to consume less food because the water enables you to feel full( it suppress your appetite). Replacing soda and other beverages with water can help you consume fewer calories. Some people believe consuming water cold encourages the body to work more to get the water at suitable temperature.

The Benefits of drinking water every day?

There is numerous benefit for drinking water every day, I personally consume an average 2 liters per day and it has reduced my migraines level. Here are some benefits of drinking water every day can do for you:

  • Helps reduce a headache
  • Helps you to focus better and increase energy
  • Helps to lose weight
  • Flush toxins from the body
  • Help your skin to look healthy
  • Improves the immune system
  • Its cheaper than a sugary beverage


Many authorities have been recommending drinking eight, 8-oz glasses of water (about 2 liters) every day to help detox the body and keep healthy. Various companies had demonstrated that replacing sugary beverages with water is very smart move. I believed consuming alkaline water every day can help with a lot of health complication and lose weight. Drinking water cold increases the body metabolism and consuming a glass of water become a meal can suppress your appetite which enables you to consume fewer calories. Drinking water every day is a very healthy choice.






BPI Ketogenic Weight Loss Stacks Supplements Review-Is it worth your time?

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Product Name: BPI Ketogenic Weight Loss Stacks Supplements

Price: $59

Place to buy: BPI Health & BPI Sports 

Ratings: 3 out 5

The BPI Ketogenic weight loss stack, Product overview

The BPI Ketogenic weight loss supplement is for persons who want to lose weight. This product provides energy which we will keep you working all day and enhance focus. Just by adding one scoop of BPI Ketogenic weight loss supplements to your beverages will enable your body to burn fat as your source of fuel instead of glucose. Does it really lose belly fat?

Does the BPI Ketogenic Weight Loss, really worth your money?

Let’s find out if this product is worth your hard earned cash, this product focus on utilize fat for energy instead of glucose, which encourages your body to sweat. Also, boost your energy so therefore this product can be seen as an energy drink. What are some of the ingredients that make this product an energy drink and ideal to lose weight?

Above is a label of the weight loss supplement, it outlines the ingredients that make this product and how much gram is contained in each serving.

How safe is this product?

This manufacturer gets their milk and protein from local dairy farms in Wisconsin, also each sample of products are tested in a lab for the correct dosage of ingredients so therefore what is on the label is in the bottle. ChromaDex is one of the leading laboratories that verify the quality of this manufactured product to ensure it is safe for consumers. The manufacturer stated that persons under 18 shouldn’t consume this product and also not to be taken close to bedtime or consume if you’re on medication or pregnant without a physician consent. This product contains a high dosage of caffeine and if overuse can cause some discomfort such as rapid heartbeat, nervous and sleeplessness. This product is safe to consume if you follow manufacturer instructions and don’t have any heart diseases.


  • It can be easily ordered online from most reputable website
  • The ingredients are fully outlined on labelled from a good company
  • This product boosts your energy, keep you working all day.
  • Decrease appetite allowing to consume less food.


  • This product may not work for older person, it best for active persons
  • There is no guarantee of the product

It’s Real, is it worth your time?

Honestly, this product is not the best weight loss product on the planet but it’s not ideal for most users especially persons with some chronic illness like a heart problem. The caffeine level in this product is very high. This product works best for a person who does a lot of physical activities.

How to lose belly fat without starving- crazy right?

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How to lose belly fat without starving, crazy right?

When you hear the phase how to lose belly fat, a lot of things comes to your minds such as restriction on food which can lead to starving or high level of exercise. Unfortunately, you have the ability to lose belly fat the way you want either by exercise, diet or other means. I strongly believe that you can lose belly fat and still eat tasty food, the idea is to burn calories and don’t overeat, so you will have to lower the amount of food you consume and try to intake calories according to your gender, age and your daily activity performed. Also, you can consume your food regular in a small amount to avoid overeating, you won’t be starving.

Why do we eat food?

Firstly I would like to define the term food- I believe that food is any substances we consume by eating or drinking to maintain our body and sustain life which gives our body the necessary nutrients. We eat food because it’s the fuel that keeps us going which make it very important to us. The food we eat help us to carry out our body function like breathing, energy to complete tasks, helps to repair body cells and learn. The human body can survive 21 days without food (Mahatma Gandhi survived 21 days without any form of food) but can only survive 3 days without water. We need nutrient such as protein, carbohydrate, fibre, vitamins and minerals for growth and to maintain life.

Protein-compound made of amino acids which can be found in plants and animals, we used protein to repair body tissue and cells. Some excellent source of plant-based proteins are beans, grains and soy. We can find a good source of protein in eggs, dairy products and meat.

Carbohydrate– are compounds such as sugar, a starch found in the food we eat to provide us with energy to complete our daily task. Some food you will find carbohydrate in are: bread, potatoes, corn and rice

Vitamins– are nutrients that are found in food to help boost the immune system. Vitamins are classified as fat and water-soluble, some fat-soluble vitamins are A, D, E, and K, these vitamins are an essential healthy vision, teeth, boost the immune system, helps to absorb calcium and improve blood clotting. Water-soluble help in breaking down of some nutrients and helps in energy production; water-soluble vitamins are B and C.

Fiber– are nutrients the body can’t digest, this help to cleanse the colon, reducing chronic illness and prevent constipation.

The food we eat is very important to us because it gives us the necessary nutrients and provides our body with energy to carry out activities we love which helps us to keep healthy. Food helps us to grow by stimulating certain hormones in our body; also help us to think and react to situations. Fighting some disease is very important, the food we eat boast our immune system which gives us the energy to fight some bacteria and viruses.

What is the healthy food to consume?

Healthy food

It’s difficult at times to choose the healthy food for us that taste well, but the healthy food to lose belly fat are the one that stays longer in our stomach and that helps our body to fight diseases and bacteria. Some healthy food to consume is green vegetables, fruits, eggs, lean meat, peanuts, salmon and brown rice. These foods help the body in different ways to increase the body metabolism, reduce your appetite and boost the immune system to stay healthy.

Food that is not healthy

In today’s modern society it’s very tempting to eat some unhealthy food which destroys our body slowly but gradually. We consume these foods because they taste very good, cheaper and are very convenient for us. These are some unhealthy food we eat on a daily basis. unhealthy food

Junk foods– are the fast food we can easily buy almost anywhere but they are quite bad for us. A scientist had discovered that consuming junk food on a regular basis can affect our ability to learn, increases the risks of mental disorders, can lead to depression, obesity and gastrointestinal problems.

Soda – are soft drinks which contain a high dosage of sugar and natural or artificial flavouring. The sugar content in these beverages are so high which will develop diabetes, can impair the body ability to absorb calcium which will lead to softening your bones, leads to obesity and have no nutritional value.

Processed foods – can be found in the supermarkets and are very convenient to us but they aren’t considered healthy for your body. The chemicals they used to extend the shelf life of these products, the trans-fat and the process they undergo before packaging. This food can increase your risk of developing some chronic illnesses and overweight.

These are just a few of the unhealthy food we consume on a regular basis and are not limited to the list above.

How to keep off extra calories?

It’s quite a challenge to keep off extra calorie’s, but there are a lot of ways to do this but I would recommend trying various method at once like exercising at least 30 minutes per day while eating food which is healthy and that stay in your stomach longer; getting adequate amount of sleep helps to lose weight. Exercise keeps you active while burning the unwanted calories. In order to watch your weight, it’s recommended weighing yourself on a regular basis to see the amount of weight you lose over a period. It’s up to you on which methods you used and what works for you.How to burn extra calories

Why should you not starve yourself?

The food you eat on a daily basis affects the amount of weight you gain, but that doesn’t mean you should starve yourself to lose weight. Starving yourself only makes it harder to lose belly fat because your body starts to store up the excess fat instead of burning them and I know you don’t want that. Now that you know all this information, why starving yourself and believe it will help you lose belly fat?


Lose belly fat quickly and naturally – effectively and precisely

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how to lose belly fat quickly and naturally

In today society a lot of things can cause the excess weight at the abdomen area such as lack of activities, the food you eat, your lifestyles, genetics and so on can contribute to weight gain. However, there are measured used to control belly fat whether naturally or other means. Having the dream of becoming a model and all that destroy because of your belly fat which can make you lack the confidence of walking and feeling sexy in your swimwear; that’s no worries, I’m here to inform you of how to lose belly fat quickly and naturally.

Importance of belly fat removal

Fat around the abdomen (visceral fat) can be very dangerous to your health. It can lead to serious health complications such as:

  • Damages vital organs such as liver and kidney by strangling them and wraps itself around vital organs like the heart which can lead to atherosclerosis ( this is the building up of fat in the arteries wall). This complication can also lead to poor circulation and arthritis.
  • Leading to chronic diseases like diabetes Diabetes(is a metabolic disorder in which the body produce less insulin causing the blood sugar level to increase over a period.), hypertension ( is the elevation of the blood pressure level in the arteries which well-known as the silent killer due to the lack of symptoms).
  • Reducing Confidence which can lead to low self-esteem, which makes many people feel uncomfortable in their own skin which can lead to suicidal thoughts. Belly fat makes it difficult to enjoy some activities, due to the fact of feeling fatigue.
  • Damages sex life, (visceral fat) can make it difficult to move in various positions; also reducing stamina due to the fact of feeling fatigue and tiredness; also can affect erection. Belly fat ( visceral fat) can cause poor circulation which can affect the level of blood flow going directly to the penis which can result in a poor erection. These things may reduce your performance and could make it less exciting for you and your partner.

chronic illneses

These are some complications that are associated with excess belly fat and this is why it’s important to lose belly fat. Most of these complications affect not only you but also your loved ones; which should be as good enough reason to lose belly fat.

Improving belly fat removing methods

In order to remove excess fat from the abdomen (visceral fat), you have to be dedicated and committed to do whatever it takes and follow the instruction exactly so you get the result you desire. Removing belly fat it’s a continuous thing, you have to watch what you eat, your weight and exercise frequently. It’s a long-term thing because of most people the first place they start to increase weight is their stomach and this is where the harmful fat is stored.

Removing belly fat quickly

removing belly fat quickly

Many people especially women are so fed up with their belly fat and would love to remove it in less than a week. Some activities help you to burn a lot of calories like various exercises either by walking to push up and lifting weights.

Eating foods which contain high levels of fibre like flax seeds, vegetables and avocados. Avoid foods which contains a high level of trans-fat and sugar; these help to increase belly fat.

  • Avoid heavy consumption of alcohol, scientist have discovered consuming too much alcohol can increase belly fat; because it can increase your appetite.Heavy consumption of alcoholConsuming high dosage of alcohol can also affect the liver, your liver is the organ which helps to break down compounds, however the liver also the same organ to break down proteins and other elements, drinking a lot of alcohol prevents the liver from breaking down the proteins and fats your body consume which stores up the excess fat in the stomach.
  • Skipping Meals can be very unhealthy which can lead to other health complications and trick the body to store fat instead of burning it.
  • Drinking plenty of water which flush the body system and can increase the body metabolism which can result from the body burning excess fat.
  • Using Laser Liposuction which is a method using tiny laser fibre to melt fat before removing fat by suction.

Lose belly fat Naturally

This is the best solution although sometimes it may take more time than other methods. Some methods work miracles and produce fast results.

  • Regular intake of warm water with lime juice after you wake in the morning can increase the body metabolism which is very good for your health and help to lose belly fat.excersie
  • Regular exercising can help to lose belly fat while keeping your body activity and fit all in one.
  • Adequate sleep is important in keeping your body healthy; by helping the brain and body to perform better which will enable the body to properly burn fat cells.
  • Consuming more natural sugar and use as much natural food as possible such as coconut oil, nuts, fish, honey and organic fruits and vegetables.

The well-being of the body as it relates to losing belly fat

The well-being of the body

Belly fat is dangerous to one’s health and can lead to serious health complications. It can disturb various areas of your life such as your confidence, sex life, physical appearance and your health. It is very important to remove excess weight from your abdomen; various methods have been stated on how to lose belly fat effectively. To effective remove belly fat, it’s a continuous process because they are a lot of things contributing to your belly fat so you have to be dedicated for the ride. A lot of activities you can enjoy better and fashion you will look great in when you lose belly fat; your body will love you for this, also you will decrease your chances of some chronic illness. Now the ball is in your court, so are you excited to lose that belly fat and live your fantasy and feeling sexy? It’s all up to you now so hope you enjoyed reading this article and I’m sure you will make the right decision.

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