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An indoor cycling is a great machine to have in every home which can save you a lot of time and can be very convenient for you. So why go to the gym when you can stay in the comfort of your home and burn those extra calories. Riding is a wonderful exercise that helps to lose belly fat naturally and helps keep muscle firm. This indoor cycling will help track your progress along the way so you never feel like you are alone in this battle. Riding a bike for few minutes per day will do great wonder for your body other than losing weight such as increase cardiovascular health( this is the fitness of the heart), improve blood circulation and joint. Sometimes riding indoor cycle can allow you to outrun issues that we encounter through the day, with all of these benefits from just a few minutes of cycling there should be no doubt in your mind about getting the L NOW indoor cycling. This indoor cycling is an investment towards your health and your health is your transportation to take you through this journey called life so be productive and ride way to good health with the L Now Indoor Cycling Bike.

Product Overview

Product Name:L NOW Indoor Cycling Bike

Price: $537.84

The Cheapest Place to buy: eBay

Ratings: 3.5 out 5


The L NOW indoor cycling bike is ideal for individual’s who want to lose weight in the comfort and safety of your home. This indoor bike designed is very durable with an aluminum alloy belt along with anti-rust resistant so you can have this indoor bike as long as you want and weigh around 66 lbs and has a dimension 43 x 21 x 42 inches. The seat is adjustable and so are the handlebars; its maximum weight is 400 lbs and this machine is quite easy to move around. Led Monitor to track your performance so you can accomplish your goals. The monitor allows you to see the number of calories burnt, distance, speed, and heart rate.

Features of this indoor cycling bikes

The indoor cycling bike is ideal for anyone has in their home and this machine is well-equipped for the ride. Some cutting edges feature of this bike are:

  • Adjustable seat to adjust for your comfort making the ride quite enjoyable; also an adjustable handlebar.
  • The design of this bike is very durable with its steel frame. hard pedal. This machine is very smooth and quiet so need to worry about noise.
  • Led monitor to track your performance as in distance, calories burned, heart rate and speed; this is a key function that all indoor bike must have so you know your progress.
  • The maximum weight capacity is 400lbs so this may be a disadvantage for plus size men and women.
  • This bike comes with a bottle holder so you can always have your water while you workout.
  • Hard pedal for safety and comfort and handlebars are also adjustable for your comfort.

Is it Quality, does it worth my money?

Well, I honestly think this indoor cycling bike is worth the money, it’s under $600 and display quality with its durable design states that it’s well equipped for the ride. This machine will allow you to lose weight and give that summer body you always wanted in the comfort of your own home; so convenient you can ride at any time for as long as you want and lose weight. So what do you think, is this indoor cycling bike fits your need and is it worth your hard earned cash?


The indoor bike can be exciting for your household and I would consider it an investment to great health and be giving that attractive body you desired. Some advantages of having an indoor bike are:

  • Convenient, you can just get up and start riding away in any weather.
  • You can play music at any volume without worrying about paying attention to traffic
  • The bike designed is very durable, and can save you some money without going to the gym
  • Helps to monitor your performance.
  • Adjustable seats for your comfort.


Having an indoor cycling can be tremendous in your exercise program but there can be some drawbacks of this machine such as:

  • The maximum weight is 400 lbs, this can be a disappointment for some plus size men and women
  • It can be expensive but consider it an investment for your health.
  • This bike doesn’t have speakers so you could just attach your mp3.
  • This indoor cycling is not ideal for a person over 6 feet.

Maintenance of L NOW Indoor Cycling

The L Now Indoor Cycling is very easy to maintain by simply doing some pre and post check of the bike like:

  • Check for loose bolts and nuts on the bike and any corrosion
  • Handle the machine with care so it last longer.
  • Avoid splitting liquid on the smart meter.
  • Follow the instructions in the manual to properly assemble and get the best result from this bike.


The L Now Indoor Cycling is an awesome bike and its well-equipped for the ride. This bike will allow you to burn fat and keep in shape so you always look your best at a very affordable price. A lot of users have purchased this bike and calm it’s ideal for them and worth the money while some believe it’s not worth the cash because of the maximum weight and the bike can’t accommodate person over 6 feet. I strongly believe that this bike is an investment towards your health that will keep you active for just a simple 30 minutes per day of exercise can increase your lifespan. So get your L Now indoor cycle to burn that fat and ride your way to that flat sexy body. Now, who needs to go to a gym when they can lose weight in their very home at any time. Wow life has gotten so easier

With all that being said, do you think the L Now indoor cycling is ideal for your weight loss program?

If Yes CLICK HERE to purchase your very own L Now Indoor cycling bike which will last you for a lifetime.





  1. This bike looks good for me, and we’ve been looking for one. But my husband is over 6 ft. tall, and we can only afford one. Do you have a recommendation for a bike that would accommodate him as well?

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