BPI Ketogenic Weight Loss Stacks Supplements Review-Is it worth your time?

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Product Name: BPI Ketogenic Weight Loss Stacks Supplements

Price: $25.99

Cheapest place to buy: eBay

Ratings: 3 out 5


The BPI Ketogenic weight loss stack, Product overview

The BPI Ketogenic weight loss supplement is for persons who want to lose weight. This product provides energy which we will keep you working all day and enhance focus. Just by adding one scoop of BPI Ketogenic weight loss supplements to your beverages will enable your body to burn fat as your source of fuel instead of glucose. Does it really lose belly fat?

Does the BPI Ketogenic Weight Loss, really worth your money?

Let’s find out if this product is worth your hard earned cash, this product focus on utilize fat for energy instead of glucose, which encourages your body to sweat. Also, boost your energy so therefore this product can be seen as an energy drink. What are some of the ingredients that make this product an energy drink and ideal to lose weight?

Above is a label of the weight loss supplement, it outlines the ingredients that make this product and how much gram is contained in each serving.

How safe is this product?

This manufacturer gets their milk and protein from local dairy farms in Wisconsin, also each sample of products are tested in a lab for the correct dosage of ingredients so therefore what is on the label is in the bottle. ChromaDex is one of the leading laboratories that verify the quality of this manufactured product to ensure it is safe for consumers. The manufacturer stated that persons under 18 shouldn’t consume this product and also not to be taken close to bedtime or consume if you’re on medication or pregnant without a physician consent. This product contains a high dosage of caffeine and if overuse can cause some discomfort such as rapid heartbeat, nervous and sleeplessness. This product is safe to consume if you follow manufacturer instructions and don’t have any heart diseases.


  • It can be easily ordered online from the most reputable website
  • The ingredients are fully outlined on labeled from a good company
  • This product boosts your energy, keep you working all day.
  • Decrease appetite allowing to consume less food.


  • This product may not work for an older person, it best for active persons
  • There is no guarantee of the product

It’s Real, is it worth your time?

Honestly, this product is not the best weight loss product on the planet but it’s not ideal for most users especially persons with some chronic illness like a heart problem. The caffeine level in this product is very high. This product works best for a person who does a lot of physical activities.

  1. Hello everyone, thank you for reading my review on BPI Ketogenic Weight Loss Supplements, base on the information I have provided on my website do you think this product in your opinion a very effective way to lose belly fat?? Please feel free to share your opinion. I’m here to make your decisions easier.

  2. Yeah the caffeine content in high. In addition to the guarana seeds which also has caffeine content. So it does boost energy.
    I have been on a ketogenic diet before and for the first few days I felt really sick and weak. Would have love an energy boost. I really like that about this product.
    I will be going on a ketogenic diet in January, after the holidays, so I may be adding this to my list and give you a feedback after I have tried it.

  3. Thanks Sheree for your opinion on this product,always put your body best interested at heart.Have a great night and I hope you make the right decision about your diet.

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