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Technology has advanced to make life easier and I would like to show you a watch that can actually measure your heart rate and sleeping patterns. Wow, I think that this is very awesome that a watch can do all that other than just tell time. It’s very nice to be well inclined with technology and to promote a healthy lifestyle so you can live longer and happier.

Product Overview

Product Name: Dawo Fitness Tracker Watch IP68


cheapest Place to buy: eBay

Ratings: 4 star


This watch is perfect for an individual who wants to lose weight and watch their diet, it will help you reach your goals. This watch can do a variety of things such as:

  • Track heart rate- I find this product very interesting for individuals with heart disorder like irregular heartbeat this can help you monitor your heart and seek help before its too late.
  • This watch is very easy to use, by touching icons on the screen, also A high tolerance of water resistance, so for the individuals with a sweaty palm and skin no need to worry.
  • The Dawo Fitness allows you to synchronize with your phone through Bluetooth so you will always remain connected. Also, keep up to date with your favorite apps such as Wats app, Facebook Messenger, and others.
  • This fitness watch can last up to 7-10 days and that very cool Battery: 105mAh Rechargeable Li-Polymer Battery and screen size 0.66 inch and weigh 21.2 grams.

Why do you need a Fitness Watch?

I personally have the fitness watch to keep up to date with technology and kind of a lot of reason why I need a fitness. My main reason is to keep synchronized with my phone so I track my phone while it’s far away from me and to monitor my heart rate. My main consideration is to prevent thief and maintain a good health. I believe very soon technology will revolve that it can basically tell how to help your medical history with a simple watch. This is the beginning of medical technology. How cool is it that a watch can monitor your sleeping pattern and heartbeat??? Well, I think its very awesome and it very useful that you can install apps so who can eat healthier. Eating healthier leads to a happy life and living longer so I will implore you reader’s to please watch your health.


  • This watch is very affordable and very neat.
  • It very important equipment to help you keep up to date with your health and technology
  • Water resistants which means can tolerate a high level of water.
  • Very easy to used and understand.
  • Full money back guarantees, 2-Years Replacement Warranty, and lifetime technical support WOW. This watch is a watch to keep.
  • Long battery life so you can use for a good while without worrying about charging.


Well some people may not understand how to use and care for this device

Can be uncomfortable for some individuals to wear all day.

Customers views of this fitness watch

Well, most customers that bought Dawo fitness watch are very pleased with the performance of this watch and love it very much; while others think it does not record some activities properly. Other from that I think its very decent watch that is very cute and have the ability to monitor the vital function necessary to keep us healthy and live longer. So please feel free to get own fit watch so BUY NOWthe Dawo Fitness watch.





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