The Purest Substances to lose weight- all from Nature

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Everyone may think the purest substance to lose weight is diamond, but can it enables you to lose weight. No, the purest substance I’m actually talking is clean alkaline water. Water is good for your body and helps to flush toxins from the body. Consuming an adequate amount of water can be tremendously beneficial for your health and body. Water is made from hydrogen atoms and oxygen atoms, the formula for water is H2O.

Types of Water

There are various types of water we consume on a daily basis which contains some form of additives or been through some purification methods.

  • Distilled water- is water that has been treated to removes all its minerals and salt. I would classify this water as the best type of water to consume on a daily basis. Why? All the necessary minerals have been removed and your body will lack these small nutrients.
  • Tap water- is the water we get from our tap, this water contains a high lead of chlorine, lead and other unnecessary substances we do not need in our body. Its clean and is widely used in the household and its safe to drink.
  • Mineral water- these water naturally contains minerals and are mostly obtained from an underground source.
  • Spring water- this water is normally safe to drink and spring or leak from the earth. Many people believe this water have medical properties.
  • Purified water- These water undergo some treatment in a plant to make it safe to consume by removing bacteria and other particles.
  • Sparkling water- this water can be any one of the above water but become sparkling water when carbon dioxide is added to it.

Why is Water the purest substance to lose weight?

Water is the purest substance to lose weight because it contains no added sugar, trans fat and artificial flavoring which it makes it great to consume frequently. I consider water the purest substance because it is colorless, tasteless and the appearance does look pure. I would encourage individuals who want to lose weight to consume a lot of water (alkaline water). Water that contains less acidic properties is known as alkaline water. What alkaline water does to the body has neutralized the acid in the bloodstream and help to reduce chronic diseases. Diseases strive in acidic conditions and as we get older our body gets more acidic. So by consuming more alkaline water, you reduce your chance of many complications and even help with weight loss.

How does water help you to lose weight?

It is said that water increases your body metabolism and suppress your appetite. Consuming a glass of water when your awake helps to flush your body and increase your metabolism. Drinking water before a meal helps you to consume less food because the water enables you to feel full( it suppress your appetite). Replacing soda and other beverages with water can help you consume fewer calories. Some people believe consuming water cold encourages the body to work more to get the water at suitable temperature.

The Benefits of drinking water every day?

There is numerous benefit for drinking water every day, I personally consume an average 2 liters per day and it has reduced my migraines level. Here are some benefits of drinking water every day can do for you:

  • Helps reduce a headache
  • Helps you to focus better and increase energy
  • Helps to lose weight
  • Flush toxins from the body
  • Help your skin to look healthy
  • Improves the immune system
  • Its cheaper than a sugary beverage


Many authorities have been recommending drinking eight, 8-oz glasses of water (about 2 liters) every day to help detox the body and keep healthy. Various companies had demonstrated that replacing sugary beverages with water is very smart move. I believed consuming alkaline water every day can help with a lot of health complication and lose weight. Drinking water cold increases the body metabolism and consuming a glass of water become a meal can suppress your appetite which enables you to consume fewer calories. Drinking water every day is a very healthy choice.






  1. Hi everyone, Thank you for reading my article, please feel free to share your opinion on my article. Do you think water is good choice to keep healthy and lose weight??

  2. Hi Sharnna,

    Great post! I am a bit of a health freak and agree with you. Water is amazing. I often fast. Sometimes on juices, sometimes on smoothies and sometimes on just water. Water is by far the quickest way to detox.

    Water as you say has no added anything. Really pure and I often meditate and think of a waterfall in space that is flowing thru my body cleansing me haha! Love meditation too.

    Thanks for a great read,



    • Thank you very much for reading my article and Im so hàppy you found this information very informative and relevant. I believe water is the healthiest substance to maintain and keep fit.

  3. I am an advocate of drinking water every day as well. Great information especially showing the different kinds of water and explaining them. For me its so difficult to drink a lot of water because I am always going to the bathroom, and its annoying. And this stops me from committing to drinking 8 glasses per day. Any ideas for me to help with this situation?

    • Thank you very much for reading my article. Well consuming alot of water is very good idea but then again some people tend to go to the bathroom reģluar. I honestly dont let that bother me as sometimes I do find it annoying. What I normally do consume alot at once and go to the bathroom after

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